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Preview all the attractions on this extraordinary Italian Motorsports adventure.


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Enzo Ferrari Museum

While Maranello’s Ferrari museum focuses on the supersonic cars, this museum near Modena's train station, inaugurated in 2012, celebrates Signor Enzo Ferrari himself. The memorabilia is cleverly juxtaposed in two separate buildings. The traditional house where Enzo was born in 1898 includes the Museum of Engines, while a slick curvaceous modern building painted in bright ‘Modena yellow’ acts as a gigantic car showroom, with plenty of Ferraris to gawp at, though specific vehicles and exhibition themes change yearly.



Car Collections / Manufacturers

Ferrari Musem

Each year, hundreds of thousands of petrolheads make the pilgrimage to this museum in Maranello, Ferrari's home town. They come here to obsess over the world's largest collection of Ferraris, including Formula 1 exhibits, a trajectory of the cars' mechanical evolution and a revolving exhibit of 40-45 landmark Ferrari models, including our favourite: The 1950s era baby blue 340MM. For an extra €25/$50, you can get behind the wheel on a seven-minute, remarkably realistic F1 simulator ride.


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Lamborghini Museum

The Lamborghini Museum has rested in the village of Sant’Agata, a mere 21 miles outside of Bologna since 1963. The Lamborghini museum, which has a marvelous collection of cars including: Lamborghinis, concept cars, vintage cars and racecars. The Production Line Tour will put you in aw with the step-by-step process of manufacturing a V12 Aventador! If you’re in the mood for a more intimate look at the Museum they offer after hour privately guided tours and private cocktail receptions or dinners!


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Horacio Pagani used to carve small wooden cars dreaming of the day that he would turn his toy into the most beautiful cars in the world. The Pagani Factory is located in the heart of “Motor Valley” and the jaw dropping Factory Tour is an experience with some of the most luxurious cars inspired by Leonardo Di Vinci. As you stroll the Factory you’ll feel the passion that goes into producing these magnificent works of art.



Car Collections / Manufacturers


In the heart of Modena, Italy you’ll find a collection of 19 cars on display in the Maserati Museum. Taking a Tour of the Maserati Factory is a breathtaking experience as you gaze upon the pristine collection of cars. The Factory Tour takes you along the entire production process where at every step there is someone examining the car to ensure that it is perfect by the time it leaves the factory.  Maserati also offers some amazing experiences in Dubai and in the Italian Alps that will leave you speechless.


Car Collections / Manufacturers


In 1965, the Orsi family opened up an extraordinary collection of Maserati cars to show the “technical and design evolution of the company.” The Panini Collection is found within the factory in Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena and includes such models as the well known Maserati 6 CM.  As you tour the timeless collection of 22 cars you’ll notice the Maserati 6C 34 all the way to the 2002 Maserati 3200 GT Trofeo. This collection is not one to be missed on the Factory Tour experience.